SØMLØS S1 Robot Vacuum


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  • Clean home 24/7: automatic cleaning and recharging.
  • More vacuuming, less charging: 90 minutes of outstanding cleaning performance.
  • Easy to use: plug and play – no installation required.
  • Laser mapping technology: efficient systematic cleaning.


“The SØMLØS S1 is undoubtedly one of the top-of-the-range vacuum cleaners of the moment. Among the strengths of this product we find an excellent customization of the application.”


“To conclude, we can say that the Sømløs S1 is a good surprise in the robot vacuum floor mop market, whose hybrid function has been struggling to convince us until now. Thanks to precise navigation, good suction and water washing performance, it manages to stand out.”


“The SØMLØS S1 app is a delight to use and very simple to instigate all functionalities of the robot and the actual unit itself looks decent and very modern.”


Made for people

In Norwegian SØMLØS means ”seamless”, which emphasizes our belief in a future of more freedom through seamless integration with technology.


“My new best friend a flexible robot vacuum cleaner that allows you to focus on other things. Easily controlled with an app so you can easily start cleaning wherever you are. The vacuum cleaner automatically adjusts the suction power when it runs over carpets, you can also set this in the app.”


“SØMLØS S1 has pretty much revolutionized the way I clean my house giving me more time for my stuff, a great product that you forget you have once you place it and program it.”


“My best friend and your best friend🎵- I received a new best friend the other day, who vacuums the whole house while I sit on the couch 💁🏻‍♀️”

Live more, clean less.

AI-Infused Robotics designed to take care of the little things, So you can spend more of your life doing better things.

At Home, or on the go.

With integrated app control, you can clean with the touch of a button from wherever you are, at whatever time you want. Unexpected guests? No problem. Put it to work while you get ready to enjoy the company. Or best of all, create an automatic schedule so you never forget!

A supreme clean or a silent tidy-up.

Carpet boosting technology to access, refresh and purify your carpets. Making sure to clean both seen and unseen dirt at home. On a call or want some quiet time? Adjust the settings to silent clean and get the job done, without any disturbance.

You choose, AI delivers.

With advanced AI algorithms and laser mapping technology, your robot remembers your house layout. Enabling you to easily give specialized tasks to target the areas you want to be done. Such as cleaning the office after a meeting, tidying the kitchen floor after cooking, collecting sand in the hallway after a beach trip.


 The premium black matte finish gives the S1 a discrete yet sophisticated look that will look just as good tomorrow as it does today.

In the Box

• Robot Vacuum
• Charging Dock
• Adapter
• Remote Controller (without batteries)
• Mopping Cloth
• 2x Side Brushes
• Cleaning Brush
• Hepa Filter
• Water Tank
• User Manual


How do I maintain my S1?

SØMLØS S1 is not your ordinary vacuum cleaner, it’s a laser sweeper – it has awesome benefits that go beyond any ordinary vacuum cleaner and can serve you long if you use and maintain it properly. To read about how you can maintain your S1, click here.

Would my floor plan fit a robotic vacuum cleaner?

As long as your floor transitions are not too tall for a robotic vacuum cleaner to climb, your home should be able to warmly welcome an SØMLØS S1 robotic vacuum cleaner. Thanks to its laser navigation, the S1 will map your home and you will also be able to create no-go zones. This is especially convenient if you for instance have a home office with many cords laying around or a kids’ corner full of legos.

If you have multiple floors, you can easily just move your S1 to another floor and click “start” at the top of the machine or through the app. It will automatically stop when it’s done or out of power. Then you have to lift the S1 back to its charging station again.

We are recommending spending some time following the robotic vacuum cleaner in its first rounds to see where it struggles and gets stuck, so you can make a few adjustments and optimize your home for your new S1. Read how you can optimize your home here.

Shipping, Returns and Warranty

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We offer 2 years warranty with our service center based in Frankfurt, Germany. If anything should happen to your product we will order pickup by DHL at your doorstep and ship it to our service center for repair.


Battery 14.8V 3200mAh
Working Time 90-120 min
Charging Time 5 hours
Noise Noise: Less than 68 DB
Suction Power 2000 PA
Coverage Per Run 120^2
Anti Collision Sensor 5 pairs
Anti Falling Sensor 4 pairs
Main Brush 1 (v-shape)
Side Brush 2
Dustbin Capacity 300 ml
Water Tank Capacity 300 ml
Climbing Ability 1.8 cm
Cleaning Pattern  Zig-zag cleaning route, specified area and spot cleaning
Scheduling Up to 7 days
Floor Type Wood/Tile/Carpet/Stone/Linoleum

SØMLØS S1 Robot Vacuum


Limited quantity available