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Benefits of Humidity in Your House

Fall and winter can be particularly hard times for those with asthma, eczema and even allergies. While outdoor allergens tend to lessen, reactions to indoor allergens often ramps [...]

Robot Vacuums: a short history

Robot vacuum cleaners can make housekeeping much easier - they help avoid hard-to-reach areas, as automated vacuum cleaners can do it for you. This invention is new enough [...]

6 tips before installing Security Cameras at Home

Statistics of the Lithuanian police show that every tenth theft in Lithuania is from residential premises. In addition, only a very small proportion of them are monitored by [...]

Looking for a home Security Camera: what to look out for

Technology helps us not only to communicate but also to be safer. If you have decided to take care of home security - you will not be able [...]

Tips for choosing Smart Doorbells in 2022

One easy way to safeguard your residence against property theft, home invasion, porch pirates, and unwanted solicitors is to identify who is at your doorstep before you open [...]

How to Choose an Electric Fireplace?

People have been gathering around fire pits and places for as long as anyone can remember. Even as we moved from a species who roam outdoors, to living [...]

Keeping your SØMLØS lawnmower good as new

For your robotic lawnmower to work to its optimum performance, you have to maintain the very simple task of cleaning it. No need for expensive cleaning services or [...]

Troubleshooting SØMLØS G1s

How do I know if my robotic mower is receiving a signal from the charging dock? If your charging Dock emits red/blue light – it means that the […]

Optimize your home for a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Hide cords and curtains A robotic vacuum cleaner can easily get stuck in cords and curtains which will make it stop cleaning. If you spend 2 minutes hiding [...]

Maintain your SØMLØS S1 to last for years to come

SØMLØS S1 is not your ordinary vacuum cleaner, it's a laser sweeper -- it has awesome benefits that go beyond any ordinary vacuum cleaner and can serve you [...]