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Maintain your SØMLØS S1 to last for years to come

SØMLØS S1 is not your ordinary vacuum cleaner, it’s a laser sweeper — it has awesome benefits that go beyond any ordinary vacuum cleaner and can serve you long if you use and maintain it properly.

Here are a few things you should think about taking care of your SØMLØS S1 laser sweeper:

Free your flooring

Before using your robot vacuum, make sure to clear the floor of anything that the robot vacuum may suck in such as your kid’s toys, any metal pieces — paper clips, hairpins, pieces of clothing, pebbles, and soil (potted plants that are accidentally knocked), tissue, broken glass and ceramic, etc. These may cause damage to the vacuum’s mechanism, so we recommend keeping the floor free of obstacles before starting a cleaning.

Take care of your vacuum’s sensors

The laser sweeper’s eyes are its sensors. It’s able to see and avoid obstacles as well as managed to clean your floor in a systematic cleaning pattern. Make sure that you do not damage these otherwise your vacuum will not function properly. If your robot vacuum gets stuck — most likely under big furniture such as your couch, do not pull the vacuum as much as possible. If you are physically capable to carry or lift those then please do. If you pull the robot vacuum abruptly, this may cause cattywampus on the sensors. We also recommend cleaning the sensors on a weekly basis as they may be clogged by dust and particles.

Empty the bins, replace the filters

The dustbin should be emptied regularly, and optimally after every use.
For wet mopping, ensure that the water tank is filled up (do not overspill it) otherwise, this feature will not work.
SØMLØS S1 comes with 2 free hepa filter. Check your SØMLØS app. It will notify you when it’s time to replace it.

You may order it here: SØMLØS S1 Accessories

Clean the wheel and change the brush

SØMLØS S1 has two side brushes and a roller brush you need to clean and clear of hairs and other dirt that gets stuck on the bristles of the brush. If they are too worn out or bent, then it’s time to change it. See SØMLØS S1 user manual page 11: SØMLØS S1 User Manual

Get the latest software update
Your laser sweeper just like your phone needs to get the latest software updates. Think of the software as the brain of the machine. If the software is readily available, make sure to download it so you don’t miss out on the latest features and functionality.

Enjoy an easier and cleaner every day in many years to come with the SØMLØS S1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.