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Optimize your home for a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Hide cords and curtains
A robotic vacuum cleaner can easily get stuck in cords and curtains which will make it stop cleaning. If you spend 2 minutes hiding chargers, cords, and the curtain from the floor, we promise it will be worth it.

Place chairs on tables
If you have ever worked in a café or restaurant, you’re probably familiar with this trick. In order to clean the floor under the dining table properly, you can place the dining chairs on top of the table so the robotic vacuum cleaner can get easy access to all the crumbles. This is not necessarily something you need to do every time, but once in a while is not a bad idea – especially after a dinner party.

Get rid of the tassels
Tassels are always challenging for robotic vacuum cleaners. While S1 most of the time will manage to wiggle its way free, it can also tend to get stuck in the tassles. Either the wheels can get stuck or the main brush may pull at the tassel rather than the dirt.

We recommend keeping your home tassel-free. If that’s not an option, you can always create a “no-go zone” in the APP to keep your S1 away.

Easy access to the station
Even though your S1 easily will find its way home, there are a few tips you can keep in mind when placing your dock, in order to keep the docking process smooth and hassle-free. The dock should have approximately 40-50 cm free passage without any objects so it can easily go back to the dock from the right angle. Also, the dock should be placed up against a wall and on even ground.

Build virtual walls
Regardless of how robotic vacuum cleaner-friendly home you’re having, there are always a few spots you would want the cleaner to stay clear from. This could for instance be your home office with lots of cords under the desk or your kids’ corner where legos and dolls are all over the floor. Through the app, you can keep the robot away by creating zones with virtual walls, which will make you S1 stay away from this area at all times.