SØMLØS G1s Robot Lawn Mower


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  • Perfect lawn 24/7: automatic mowing and recharging.
  • Over-the-air software updates: always the latest features and functionality.
  • Wifi App Control: Take control of your lawn, at the touch of a button.
  • Adaptive Terrain Control ™: Equipped with digital tilt, lift, rain and bumper sensors it can navigate and venture your yard with ease and climb hills up to 25° / 47%.
  • Eco-friendly: SØMLØS G1s is all electric and has 0% emissions.
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What the experts say

“Although this brand may sound unknown to some people, the Norwegian company SØMLØS is synonymous with quality and attention to detail.” – Migliorirobot.it

“The result is impressive. The blades of grass are neatly cut off, the clippings remain in place and serve as a future source of nutrients.”

Mac Life

“We like how quiet and self-sufficient the SØMLØS G1 is”

Pocket Lint

“What is certain is that the Somlos itself performed quite well in the rain. A real surprise. Other models fail more”


“The G1 does a largely excellent job of cutting larger gardens other mowers cannot reach”


“The SØMLØS G1 is a premium robot lawnmower from a Norwegian start-up that means business and that business is cutting grass.” – Pocket Lint

Made for people

In Norwegian SØMLØS means ”seamless”, which emphasizes our belief in a future of more freedom through seamless integration with technology.


It’s a little gem of technology 💥
Our lawn has never looked so beautiful 24/7… And that… It’s really lovely.


“Without exaggeration, the G1 has blown us away; firmly taking the top spot as the best piece of family technology we’ve ever tested.”


A modern and innovative robot mower with the latest in technology 🙏You control everything via app, time, settings, length etc.

Seamless, Over-The-Air Software Updates.

Your SØMLØS G1s never stops improving. Equipped with advanced over-the-air update capability for quick and easy wireless upgrades that help enhance quality, capability and enable new features.

You choose, AI delivers.

With advanced AI algorithms and laser mapping technology, your robot remembers your house layout. Enabling you to easily give specialized tasks to target the areas you want to be done. Such as cleaning the office after a meeting, tidying the kitchen floor after cooking, collecting sand in the hallway after a beach trip.

Experience a new level of Robotic Precision

With advanced mowing patterns that enable a level of precision that manual mowing can rarely achieve.

Featuring spot mowing, random mode, edge-cut mowing, and pivot razor blades cutting system; you can assure that every blade of grass will be chopped back to perfection.

Built-in intelligent Anti-Theft System.

While your lawn might become the envy of the street, your robot could become a target too. However, you can rest assured it’s safe at any time with a built-in anti-theft system and alarm.


SØMLØS G1s is designed to be an invincible extension of your outdoor space. The combination of Deep Onyx Grey and Medi Beige gives a natural yet elegant look outdoors.

In the Box

• 1x SØMLØS G1s Robot mower
• 1x SØMLØS G1s Charging station
• 1x SØMLØS G1s Adaptor
• 1x Boundary Wire (100M/150M)
• 100x Staples
• 4 x Adapter nails
• 8 x SØMLØS Blades
1x User Manual
• 1x Allen wrench
• 1x Paper ruler
• 1x Package Recycled Paper Tray


Troubleshooting G1/G1s

To see the troubleshooting of your G1 or G1s, go to this page.

How do I install my robotic lawn mower?

See how you can install your SØMLØS G1/G1s by watching this video or checking our user guide.

Will my SØMLØS robotic mower automatically return to its charging dock?

Yes! As long as you have set your robotic mower to “auto-mode”, it will automatically return to the charging dock after mowing or to recharge if it’s out of battery.

Will my Sømløs robotic mower work on slopes?

Yes! SØMLØS robotic mower is designed to work on slopes. The climbing capacity is up to 58% steepness. If you have a steep-sided lawn, remember to lay the boundary wire diagonally so the mower has more traction into the ground and to avoid sharp edges as this will distort the signal it emits and will cause a “No Signal” error.

Will the SØMLØS robotic mower give me a greener lawn?

Yes! SØMLØS robotic lawn mower will give you a healthy, green, and beautiful lawn. You can read more here.

How do I maintain my G1/G1s?

For your robotic lawnmower to work to its optimum performance, you have to maintain the very simple task of cleaning it. No need for expensive cleaning services or specialized tools. Using a coarse bristled handheld brush and a damp cloth and you’re all set. We highly recommend that you use protective gloves, particularly when removing the blades of the robot lawnmower before cleaning it. See step-by-step how you can clean your G1/G1s here.

Shipping, Returns and Warranty

Free DHL Express shipping:

Delivery typically in one to four business days. No Extra Charges or Hidden Fees.

Business days are Monday-Friday; Holidays, Saturday and Sunday are not included in shipping days.


In order to be eligible for a refund, you have to return the product within 14 days of your purchase.

After receiving your returned item, our team of professionals will inspect and process your refund. The refund amount will be returned the same way you made your purchase.

If are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return any items within 14 days of receipt. We will gladly provide a refund, replacement, or an exchange. Return postage will be deducted from your refund.


We offer 2 years warranty with our service center based in Frankfurt, Germany. If anything should happen to your product we will order pickup by DHL at your doorstep and ship it to our service center for repair.


Battery 2600mAh/5200mAh
Mowing Speed 22m/min
Waterproof IPX4 (IPX67 for power supply)
Cutting height 2.5-5.5 cm
Working Time 1,5h/3h (2600/5200mAh)
Maximum Incline within working area 25°
Maximum incline boundary wire (edge of working area) 10°
Maximum Coverage 800m^2/1600m^2 (± 20 %)
Charging Time 2H/3H
Blades Rotate Speed 3500rpm
Brushless Motor Yes
Noise Level 57 DB
Unit Size 50*35.5*24 cm
Power Consumption 54W
Input Voltage AC100-240V
Charget Output Voltage DC 29V 1.5A


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SØMLØS G1s Robot Lawn Mower

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