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Troubleshooting SØMLØS G1s

How do I know if my robotic mower is receiving a signal from the charging dock?

If your charging Dock emits red/blue light – it means that the robotic mower is receiving signals from the charging dock, and is ready to go.

My Lawnmower is showing No Signal. What should I do?

Make sure that your robotic mower has the latest software version

Move your SØMLØS G1s to the middle of your lawn after everything is set up properly and make sure the Red/Blue light is still flashing.

Do the “SELF-TEST”

Go to Home Screen -> Diagnostics -> Choose “Check Signal”. Check the Sensor indicator.

LCD Screen should display the following:
L Sensor: Inner
R sensor: Inner
Lift Sensor: OK
Bump Sensor: OK
Rain Sensor: OK

My robotic mower still shows No Signal

Do a Factory Reset:
Go to Home screen > System settings > Factory reset
Press “OK”
Enter your password
Select “YES”
Your SØMLØS G1s is now resetting back to factory settings.

My mower is not charging

  1. Check if it’s set to Auto – your SØMLØS will back to the charging dock in a counter-clockwise motion.
  2. Please make sure that the cables at the back of your charging station are correctly placed (refer to Page 5 of your Norwegian manual).
  3. Uninstall the battery for 1 minute, then reinstall it.
  4. Carry your lawnmower and place it in its charging dock. Check if it’s charging.

Note if everything has been done correctly and your mower is still not charging, please contact our support team: [email protected].

Screen displaying Bumper Error

  1. When you’re lifting your mower, use the handle bracket and not the cover. Otherwise, it will result in a “bumper error”
  2. Check the inside of your mower’s bumper to see if anything is stuck.
  3. Do not press the STOP button, but use both hands to adjust the bumper instead.