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Looking for a home Security Camera: what to look out for

Technology helps us not only to communicate but also to be safer. If you have decided to take care of home security – you will not be able to do without smart solutions here either. Modern home security cameras are installed in an incredibly simple way and feature convenient operation in a smartphone. When choosing the most suitable one, Tele2 recommends evaluating several important parameters.

For your attention – Arnoldas Lukošius, an expert at Tele2 Innovation Office, provided advice on what to look for when searching for a home security camera.

Wires – “to be or not to be”? If previously a video surveillance system had to be installed by an experienced craftsman, it is much easier to start using this equipment today. And this is due to the proliferation of wireless security cameras on the market with extremely easy installation.

However, one of the most common doubts when considering the purchase of a wireless camera is whether the battery of such a camera will not require constant maintenance? Don’t worry, the energy in a standard 5500mAh lithium battery lasts for up to a month and a half, and even longer with a dedicated station. Some cameras run for 6 or even 12 months without recharging. There are also cameras on the market with an additional solar battery extension.

Internet connection. If you are monitoring a home with a high-quality Internet connection, then the smart camera will work when connected to such a network. However, if you want to monitor a garden house that does not have an internet connection, then it is worth choosing cameras with a SIM card.

Saving videos. Modern home security cameras can record and broadcast even a high-resolution FullHD image that captures small but significant details. You can view the captured image directly or view the recordings stored on the memory card or in a securely encrypted web cloud.

Of course, it’s much safer to choose cameras whose videos are stored on web servers – if intruders or natural disasters damage your device, you won’t lose the images you’ve captured before.

Night mode. One of the biggest advantages of security cameras is the ability to record a color night image with an integrated LED light. Therefore, it is recommended to find out if the monitoring device you have selected has this feature. Such cameras can usually record a black-and-white image, so the camera can continue to record in complete darkness.

Control via App. You will have more peace of mind when you leave home for a longer period of time when you can directly observe what is happening at home or in the yard, if necessary.

Most wireless security cameras are controlled simply by using a smartphone, through a dedicated application. This is also convenient because by pairing the camera with your smartphone, you can control the camera from anywhere in the world and receive instant notifications of unexpected changes.

Audible signals and recordings. It is especially useful if the home security camera has a built-in speaker and a microphone for real-time alerts. The built-in speakerphone will allow you to voice alert an intruder, calm a pet raging in the yard, or talk to a courier waiting at the door in real-time.

Some cameras can even detect motion and automatically play a pre-recorded voice recording through the speaker, as well as record not only video but also sound.

Viewing angle and distance. When it comes to home security, every corner counts. Therefore, the wider the viewing angle of the camera, the more peace of mind.

It is also important to self-assess the size of the room or yard being monitored and make sure that the camera captures the image from a long-enough distance. There is plenty to choose from in the market – from a few to a tens of meters away.

Control station. Some manufacturers offer special control stations in addition to smart CCTV cameras. Who needs them? The advantage of these stations is the possibility to combine several devices of the manufacturer into one ecosystem. Once you have installed the device application on your phone, you can control all the cameras in one place – the app.

Some stations can connect not only surveillance cameras but also a smart door call with an integrated video camera, and other devices.

Other features. If you want even smarter home security, pay attention to whether the camera has human and face recognition features, as well as whether active surveillance zones can be set. It is especially useful when indoor home cameras have integration with smart assistants. Controlling the camera with these assistants is more convenient and intuitive.

While modern cameras stand out with their minimalist design, convenient and easy mounting, make sure the mounting method is right for you at the right place in your home before you buy it.