Tesvor S6 Robot Vacuum


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  • AI Laser Navigation: precisely identifies obstacles and creates room maps. Possibility to set restricted and intensive cleaning zones.
  • 2700PA double power: with the option to choose one of three power settings.
  • Automatic Charging: the S6 automatically returns to the charging station after cleaning or running out of 5200 mAh battery power.
  • Various surfaces: from floors to medium-height carpets.
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Accurate ranging.

A7 Chip

Forms a map with the help of AI (artificial intelligence).

Smart Mapping

Create a cleaning plan for your needs.


Double suction power.

Clean Carpet

Cleans deep carpet dirt.

SupClean technology

Better suction with less noise.


Large capacity water tank.

Greater Pressure

High-efficient Mopping Function.

Variable water flow rate

Adjusted automatically.

Continuous Cleaning

Returning to the station, recharging, and continuing.

Control via App

Control the cleaning process directly from your device.


Automatic over-the-air system updates.

Laser Distance Sensor

Several slope sensors prevent the device from falling off the steps.

The LDS sensor accurately estimates the dimensions of potential obstacles and handles dirt even in hard-to-reach areas.

The robot vacuum automatically returns to the station to charge its battery and resumes cleaning from where it finished.

Control via the App

The app shows a virtual layout of the room in real-time, with the possibility to choose different cleaning methods for different locales.

Available for Android and iOS.

Smart planning

Choose from multiple cleaning modes, with intelligent room layout identification. You have the ability to freely adjust the cleaning area and conveniently store maps.

Create cleaning maps that work best for you.

Select the desired intensive cleaning zones.

Easily mark “non-cleaning” areas.

If the battery is discharged, the robot vacuum will automatically return to the station and continue cleaning after charging.

The latest Tesvor SupClean technology with 2700Pa suction power

A powerful turbo combined with bilateral brushes and an efficient air duct design will remove dust and dirt in one cleaning. Forget about extra cleaning manually.

NIDEC Brushless Motor power.

Automatic pressure selection depending on the surface.

Three-layer air filtration.


Automatic battery recharge and continued cleaning.

Automatic electric control water tank

The precision micro-control water pump cooperates with the high-performance chip to precisely control the water output. 3 levels of water outlet speed adjustment to adapt to different home environments.

Choose the most suitable water pressure mode.

Pressurized wet mopping.

350ml capacity water tank.

In the Box

• Robot Vacuum
• Charging Dock
• Adapter
• Remote Controller (without batteries)
• Mopping Cloth
• 2x Side Brushes
• Cleaning Brush
• Hepa Filter
• Water Tank
• User Manual



What exactly is the Tesvor S6?

If you choose the Tesvor S6, you get a robot vacuum and mop that does the daily dry and wet cleaning of your home. Laminate, parquet and tiles, but also short pile carpets are cleaned independently by the Tesvor robot vacuum cleaner with mop.

How does the Tesvor S6 work?

The Tesvor robot vacuum mop, like its predecessors, has advanced sensors (including LDS LIDAR) and intelligent features, that allow the robot vacuum cleaner with mop to map your living space in real-time. This enables the household robot to get to know your environment and to calculate the best cleaning route, as well to skilfully avoid obstacles.

What cleaning modes does the Tesvor S6 use?

Cleaning is done by the robot vacuum and mop with “smart-cleaning”, which first cleans the outline of the surface (along the wall) and then moves from one side to the other in S-shaped waves. This makes it much more efficient and faster than other models.

In “spot-cleaning” the robot vacuum mop starts at a selected point and moves outwards in a spiral. After 2 minutes cleaning time, the robot vacuum cleaner with mop stops automatically.

Adjustable suction power

The Tesvor S6 has different suction strengths, which can be adjusted according to your needs. The maximum suction strength is 1,800 Pa.

All in one pass

On the Tesvor S6, the positioning of the water tank does not obscure the suction and side brushes. This means you can have the robot vacuum and mop do the dry and wet cleaning in one go. However, with the water tank attached, the Tesvor can no longer overcome door thresholds. If you want to do everything in one go, you should therefore plan the complete cleaning room by room.

Can I exclude surfaces from being cleaned by the robot vacuum mop?

In the app, not only can the different cleaning modes be assigned to the rooms, but so-called restricted zones can also be set up – e.g. where the household robot should not wipe up wet. In this way, the entire room can be cleaned in one go, but the cleaning mode can be selected individually as required.

Can the Tesvor S6 pause its cleaning?

Yes, if you want to pause the robot vacuum mop for a short time (e.g. because you have visitors), there are two different possibilities. Either you press “pause” and the robot stops cleaning (until you press the “pause-button” again). Or you move the robot vacuum and mop to another place. If you restart the cleaning process, the Tesvor will automatically return to its original position and continue cleaning.

Independent charging

The robot vacuum cleaner with mop automatically detects when its battery is low and moves into the charging station by itself.


Navigation system Laser & Gyroscope Navigation
Color Black
Size(LxW) 34×9.8cm
Wifi Contact Yes
Dustion Capacity 600mL
Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Support Yes
Battery Capacity 5200mAh
Operating noise <70
App Connect Yes
Remote Control Yes
Barrier-cross Height 18mm
Suction 2700 Pa
Hands free Yes
Automatic Yes
Multi-surface cleaning Hard floors and medium-high carpets
Virtual Wall Magnetic Strip Tape Or Set on App Map
Filter Dreifach mit High-Performance Filter
Max Runtime 120 Min
Charging Time 4-6 hours

Tesvor S6 Robot Vacuum


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