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    Want a confident child who’s proud of themselves?

    Kiddy™ is more than just a frame – it’s a way to showcase your child’s imagination and creativity. With Kiddy™, you can display your child’s artworks in a beautiful and stylish manner while securely preserving their masterpieces. Whether you hang them in the playroom or living room, Kiddy™ frames bring joy into your home.

    Why so many people are fans of Kiddy™!

    ✔️ Boosts your child’s confidence by showcasing their works and fostering their creativity.

    ✔️ Encourage your children’s development, imagination, and creativity and show them you’re proud by hanging their drawings

    ✔️ Perfect gift for parents, grandparents, and teachers who want to appreciate and honor their children’s artworks.

    ✔️ Unique and stylish design that adds a personal touch to your decor and highlights your child’s creativity.

    Easy to install

    With the hangers on the back, you can easily hang the picture frame horizontally or vertically on the wall.


    Solid wood frame with tempered, clear glass for a clear view of the artwork. The elastic bands hold the artwork in place but are not visible when the artwork is displayed. The frame closes perfectly with a magnetic closure.


    Age: 2+
    Material: Wood
    Dimensions: 35*26*5 CM
    Capacity: Space for 150 sheets


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    A new sofa in no time!

    Looking for inspiration to redesign your sofa? Protect your sofa completely and stylishly with our SofaGuard™. This universal cover fits all types of sofas and covers the entire sofa, including the frame. That’s why our cover is the perfect choice.

    Protects your sofa from dirt and scratches

    Stain and dust repellent: Our SofaGuard™ is liquid-repellent and prevents stains from penetrating the fabric. It also protects against dust and keeps your sofa immaculately clean. The comprehensive protection keeps your sofa clean, tidy and free from tears (scratches from pets, etc.).

    Perfect for every sofa

    Universal and adaptable: This cover fits all types of sofas, regardless of their size or shape. It fits perfectly to fully protect your beloved sofa. Thanks to its elasticity, it adapts to all shapes and sizes of your sofa, giving the interior a uniform and tidy look.

    Save a lot of money by not buying a new sofa!

    Our cover completely encases the sofa, including the frame, and offers full protection against accidents and damage. Simply place the cover over the sofa and it’s ready. This is a quick, easy and cost-effective way to protect your sofa and extend its life.

    Size chart (cm)

    Size Size in cm
    Single sofa 90-140
    Two-seater sofa 145-185
    Three-seater sofa 190-230
    Four-seater sofa 235-300
    Pillowcase 45×45

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